Handouts & Slides

Lee Bickmore, Winfred Mkochi & Jamilläh Rodriguez. Depressor Consonant Effects in Malawian CiTonga: Phonetic or Phonological? The 8th International Conference on Bantu Languages (Bantu 8). University of Essex. [Handout]

Jamilläh Rodriguez & Lee Bickmore. Cophonologies and upper-lower tone register mapping in Copala Triqui. The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA 2021). [Slides

Lauren Clemens & Jamilläh Rodriguez. Descenso tonal y laformación de compuestos nominales en el triqui bajo. Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinoamérica (CIILA IX). [Spanish PDF] [English PDF]

Román Vidal López, Monica de Jesús Ramírez, Lauren Clemens, Jamilläh Rodriguez, Michael Stoop and George Aaron Broadwell. Multilingual language documentation in the Copala Triqui diaspora. LSA Summer Institute Symposium on Language Research in Diaspora Communities, University of California, Davis (LRDC). [Slides]

Jamilläh Rodriguez. Syllabic Size Restrictions on Verb Reduplication in Brazilian Portuguese. 44th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (BLS 44). [Slides]


Jamilläh Rodriguez & Gean Damulakis. Acceptability judgments and the null parse in Brazilian Portuguese verb reduplication. Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2020). [PDF]


Jamilläh Rodriguez & Lauren Clemens. Tone overlay in Copala Triqui: Nominal compounds and other syntactic domains. Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2019). [PDF]

Lee Bickmore, Winfred Mkochi, & Jamilläh Rodriguez. Depressor Consonants in Malawian CiTonga: Phonetic or Phonological? Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2019).  [PDF]

Jamilläh Rodriguez. Vowel Lengthening and the Syntax-Phonology Interface in Malawian CiTonga. 43rd Annual Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC 43). [PDF]


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